Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Plague Has Landed

Don't fret I am not talking about the Black Death here, it is nothing quite so dramatic, it is just the common cold with delusions of grandeur. It is a rather virulent and vicious strain, which has knocked many people for six. No it's not man flu either.

The symptoms include, blinding headaches, blocked nose and sinuses, dizziness, fatigue and a harsh racking dry cough. It also likes to hang around for a very long period and is hard to shake off. As it is so harsh and attacks very quickly, I have taken a break from Enbrel as I have started coming down with the symptoms and it is hitting very hard and quickly.

As Enbrel is an immunosuppressant I have been advised that this sort of infection it is best to take a break from using it until it passes, so that your body can fight it off with the full force of your immune system.

I know this will put me at risk of the symptoms of AS coming to the fore, but carrying on with Enbrel could well lead to me being hit harder by this bad cold. Especially as with colds like this that have swept through, leaving others plagued by it's full force. I have only suffered a slight sniffle, it is in my best interest to do so.

Hopefully I can shake this off quickly, so that I can restart taking Enbrel without having to be off it for too long.

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