Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ankylosing Spondylitis Rheumatology Review

Today I saw my Rheumatologist for a review of my progress since starting on Enbrel.

He found that there has been a marked improvement in my condition, with my ability to bend being greater than when I saw him last, I have more flexibility in my neck and can turn it further in each direction. The same with my shoulders, with how far I can reach up above my head, with the rotation of them becoming smoother and less clunky. The is also the case with my other joints, like my hips, ankles and knees. Things that I have noticed a gradual improvement with over the past few months since I started Enbrel & the physiotherapy exercises, to improve flexibility.

My ability to do these exercises has improved and I have been able to add more of them to my daily routine, as the time has past. Doing gradual increases in each, so I do not cause more injury than improvement, slowly building up the number of repetitions of each one and adding one more of each set each as my ability to do these improved.

He has recommended that I am to continue with Enbrel as it has given me a greater quality of life, by having such a marked effect on the symptoms of AS, helping to alleviate things greatly.

I will need blood tests every four months to monitor my blood word, as it is an immunosuppressant, for me this means I need blood tests slightly more often, as I do need regular blood tests owing to the epilepsy medication I have to take. I will also will need to have regular check ups with the AS nurse at the hospital, to monitor my progress further and see him for regular check ups and reviews to monitor my progress with Enbrel. 

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