Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sunglasses are Cool

One of the symptoms people can be affected by with AS is light sensitivity, and this is something I have suffered from for many years now. Many years, before my diagnosis in fact. So I rarely leave home without a pair of shades on me, I have many pairs which I wear regularly and others that I know I have, yet have misplaced. They are the things I lose most and often I go from having four, or five pairs, to not having any at all. At one point I know I had eight pairs, not just because they help when everything is just too bright, but I also like a nice pair of shades.

There are times when I go out and it is cloudy and overcast, so I don't bring any with me, then the clouds break and it turns into a nice sunny day. Then I start suffering with my eyes stinging and having to squint so that I can see without being pained too much by the light. This has often led to me dashing to the nearest shop that sells cheap sunglasses, like Poundland, so that I can have a pair that will help me see easily without being affected by the brightness. Why cheap ones you might ask, with the amount of times I lose my sunglasses I'm not going to buy an expensive pair, also I have broken many pairs when I have had an epileptic seizure.

The times when it is particularly bad is when it's a bright Winter's day and the sun is low in the sky. This is worse than a bright Summer's day, I'm not sure on the reasons why here. Maybe it is because of the angle of the sun? When I go from somewhere that is quite dark and out into the sunshine. Screens like laptop monitors are too bright & they have to have the brightness level turned right down to minimum. The lights in shops feel like they they are burning my eyes. Yes I am one of those people who wear sunglasses inside, but with my umm 'look' (leather Jackets, black boots and long hair) I think I can get away with it. As a friend joked one night at the pub, when the lights were being too bright, I was pulling off the 'Oh yeah! I'm a rockstar' look well. He did join in and put his shades on as well.

At times I feel like a Gremlin 'Bright light, bright light!'

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