Monday, 27 January 2014

Delivery Fail

Today I was meant to get my latest delivery of Enbrel, however there was a hitch and Homehealth were unable to supply it. This was due to a problem with their supplier not delivering them enough Enbrel to fill all of the orders.

They did phone me to let me know what was going on and to rearrange my delivery, as the stock had to be prioritised to those who would not have any Enbrel to keep to their injection schedule. This I can fully understand and do not blame them for this course of action, they have to get this therapy to those who are in urgent need first.

It just means that I will get two injector pens delivered on Wednesday and the other two will follow in two weeks time. So I will not be missing my injection day, which is a Monday, nothing says it's the start of the week better than jabbing yourself in the leg.

This sort of thing does happen, I have had it happen with my chemists. Where I had to collect part of my prescription of epilepsy medication a few days later, as they didn't have enough in stock and were waiting on a delivery.

Stock issues happen with everything, it's a part of life, I am glad that Homehealth have done everything possible to make sure that people do not run out of Enbrel.

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