Friday, 15 November 2013

Well That Was Foolish Of Me

In my last post on here I was talking about how much better I was feeling since starting using Enbrel, that I was starting to feel like my old self, without the stiffness, pain and fatigue plaguing me. So I did a rather foolish thing and ran back into life, doing everything that I had once been able to do in a day, yes some of you will know where this one is going. For those of you who don't I'm going to give an explanation here. Now this is not a poor me type post, I must say this from the start. I don't want your sympathy here, it's my own fault. So this is more of a cautionary tale.

Where my body has not been used to being so active, due to the symptoms of AS getting in the way, my over all fitness has got lower. So its not used to doing so much in a relatively short space of time. So me rushing back into doing things was not the brightest of ideas to begin with, let alone act on.

Naturally my body has turned round and told me, that I really should have eased back into doing things and let it regain what it has lost. Until I am back to the level of fitness that I once had, before the symptoms of As and Epilepsy had taken their toll. Now that would have been a better idea.

So for the last couple of days, or so, I have been rather sore and not quite the ticket. As my over activity and not slowly easing back into doing things, has caused the symptoms of AS to remind me that I need to take the time to build myself back up, before doing so much in one go.

Now when this abates and I am back to feeling so much better, I'm going to slowly work my way back into doing as much as I used to. I will take breaks between doing things and give my body chance to rest. Not go rushing back into being as active as I once was, which is a hard temptation to resist and one I must.

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