Monday, 4 November 2013

Fourth Dose And The Change Is Remarkable

Today I received my latest delivery of Enbrel from the Homehealth team and was due my latest injection. Even though the injector pens make this easy, it is not something I enjoy having to do. I'm not sure anyone would find them enjoyable, well a few might, who knows there are some strange ones out there. Again this process was relatively quick and easy to do, although I do find this slightly painful as the solution is injected. This might be made slightly worse for me as I'm rather thin and don't really have a lot of flesh covering my bones, being called 'rather lean' is a kind way of putting it.

However the end result of undertaking this therapy of AS, for me has been so remarkable in such a short space of time, the changes for the better are steamrollering in. The difficulty in getting comfortable and the pain in my buttocks, when sitting down for any length of time is becoming a thing of the past and I don't need to have my chair layered with cushions to achieve some degree of comfort. Yes I still have a few on my chair, to aid in comfort,  but not as many as I once had. Also after sitting for a long period I do not need to use the arms of the chair to assist in helping me stand. Whereas before it would be just too painful to stand unaided

I am getting a decent nights sleep for the first time in too long, as I am not being woken by pain everytime I roll over, which did not just disturb my night's sleep, but my wife's also. As she would be woken by me being woken and uttering sounds of pain, the fidgeting until at long last I found a position that was pain free and comfortable to lie, to be able to get back to sleep. A full night's sleep makes the world of difference, as you start the day feeling refreshed and not like the living dead. With me I was on the hunt for coffee over brains, while moving rather zombie like. The morning's stiffness and pain are also behind me, both of these combined leaves me able to get up and out of bed, easily and ready to start the day. Although I still do like a coffee before doing things.

Simple tasks are becoming easier for me to complete, without having to take a break because stiffness and pain no longer creep in and call for me to need one, until they have passed. This might sound strange to some, but being able to stand and fold a pile of laundry, the washing up and other household chores in one go, over having to do it in stages. Is wonderful and life changing, it certainly makes them quicker to do.

Where having days plagued by fatigue were common place, my last day affected by this was over a week ago. I hope it stays in my past. Fatigue is more than just feeling tried, you are so drained and listless, causing you to be less than productive.

Talking about all of this with my lovely Homehealth Nurse today on the phone, she was as impressed as I was with the beneficial change that has happened so quickly. She also said that it was remarkable. As in the two and a half years, that she has been working with patients with AS on Enbrel, in her experience there are only half a dozen cases that it has worked this rapidly for.

I must say that it is nice, for a change, to be in the more unusual scenario with a medication in a positive way. Over my past experiences of being a rare case with side effects, the one getting those listed as very rare in the medication's fact sheet.

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