Friday, 18 October 2013

The First Few Days On Enbrel

So on Monday I took my first dose of Enbrel and as it is now Friday I thought that I would give you a little update on how things have been since starting this Anti-TNF therapy.

For the first couple of days I was feeling a little sea sick, is the only way I can describe it, nothing major, just a little queasy. This was one of the side effects that I was told was quite common to happen in the early stages of taking this, as it works by altering you autoimmune system and your body has to get used to this. This feeling didn't last long each time it cropped up and now I no longer having this happening.

I also had a few slight headaches over the same time in the late afternoon and evenings, nothing like a huge pounding one, but slight in nature. Again this I was was warned was quite likely to happen as your body adjusts to the therapy.

Now these are quite minor effects, especially when I compare them to other medication I have to take for my Epilepsy. My latest medication (AED) that I am on, Vimpat, turned me into Mr Forgetful, from the Mr. Men, for the first week or so. I was forgetting where I put things down, within moments of doing so. I even did things like forgetting how I have my coffee! I have it black with no sugar and I have been drinking it that way for years. I should have been able to remember that. I was going into rooms to get something, then forgetting why I was there.

Now this was far more of a nuisance than the couple I have had on Enbrel, these I can easily live with, especially when you weigh up the benefits that it will bring and keep in mind that it is your body adjusting to it.

Yesterday and this morning I have noticed that my usual stiffness in the morning has no way been as bad as it normally is and I have been able to get on with my day much easier than before. Now I can't say for sure that it is the Enbrel starting, or a coincidence. I need to be on this for longer to know for definite that it is Enbrel starting to make a positive effect. Time will tell.


  1. i am coming up for two years taking enbrel . apart from more minor infections (sinusitus etc) than i used to get , i have felt great and i have a new lease of life. it becomes second nature :)

    1. I'm glad to hear that you have had good results with enbrel :-)
      Thanks for sharing your experience with enbrel here


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