Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just Over Three Weeks In

I know that I normally post each week on a Monday, when I take my Enbrel injection, about how things have been progressing with it. However I have had a slight hiccup with my epilepsy and the weekend was near as written off by seizures and I have needed to take a break from screens until now. I found that with having quite a long break from my seizures, thanks to my new medication, that the after effects of the seizures lasted longer than normal.

Maybe because my body is now more used to not having them, so maybe it's grown unused to them making the postictal state last longer. The mind fog, the forgetfulness, lack of being able to concentrate, clumsiness and dizziness. One thing that was missing from normal, after a bad bout of seizures, was the aches and pain in my back, neck, ribs, hips and shoulders, they were slightly sore, but far from as bad as they once were. This shows to me that these were more to do with AS than the effects of a seizure, and that the Enbrel is helping greatly already.

What has also added to the knowledge that it is working for me, is that the mornings stiffness and pain, that has been ever present for years, has now subsided to an almost unnoticeable level. It is amazing what a vast difference to my health has occurred over such a short space of time. I feel more flexible than before, bending and stretching is far easier and so is the simple task of getting off the floor. I no longer need something to aid me, or roll so that I can start pushing myself up with my arms.

The biggest indicator in this positive change has come from other people that I know, who don't always see me on a daily basis. They have remarked that I am looking better than I have in years, have more of a spring to my step and the almost ever present slight limp has gone from my stride. Yes stride, I now am back to striding along as I walk, over shambling along with a slightly awkward gait.

It is not just Enbrel that has helped make this change, but also the physiotherapy and exercise that I do on a daily basis. You can't just rely upon a medication alone to help improve things with AS, there are steps you need to do yourself as well. Though I will say taking these weekly injections of anti-TNF therapy has made a vast difference to my life and long my it continue.

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