Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Flu Jab Time

This morning my day started with the joys of heading to the doctors to get my flu jab, which you need to have if you are on immunosuppressants, like Enbrel,  as you are more susceptible to catching viruses like this. So it is in your best interest to get this vaccination, before flu season starts.

So I got to the doctors, checked in and in a very British fashion I joined the queue where there were many people, for different reasons who also need this vaccination. The queue moved quite quickly and soon after joining it, it was my turn to be jabbed.

The vaccination was in my upper arm and was a very quick and painless procedure, and not long after I had entered the nurses office it was over and I was ready to go and carry on with my day. Starting with the glamorous job of picking up a few groceries that we needed, yes I live such a rock n roll lifestyle.

Now it's time to take the dogs out for their walk, which is a good exercise for you to do, as it helps loosen up your joints and is a gentle, low impact exercise, which is ideal for helping with AS. Where I am lucky with this, is that I have rolling woodland and stunning coastal views which are a superb backdrop for a walk. Plus having the dogs it is something I have to do daily, so I can't really bring up excuses to miss it, unless I am having a shockingly bad day with my AS and Epilepsy.


  1. Hi poet, you might find you get a lump and slightly tender arm in a couple of days..but nothing sore. I'm chickening out of the dog walk today, in favour of a book and bones for the dogs!

    1. Thanks Donna, I meant to include that in the post, but I forgot to, much like the milk.
      The woods were nice today, I'm glad the rain held off when I was out with the dogs


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